LGBT Ceremonies

Dedicated to Supporting Gay Marriage

Reverend Sara Henderson is dedicated to supporting gay marriage and marriage equality.

Are you a Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex or Transgender couple planning to pledge your lives and hearts to each other in marriage? Wouldn’t you prefer to be married by a strong advocate for Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex/Transgender marriage? Reverend Sara has officiated over 300 Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex/Transgender marriages. She began officiating Gay/Lesbian/Same-Sex/Transgender commitment ceremonies back in December 2008 when same-sex marriage was first legalized in the State of Connecticut..

Packages Starting At $350

Need suggestions for a wedding ceremony or reception? Rev Sara has great suggestions & access to many ceremony sites, venues & packages in NY City, NY State, & CT. Wedding sites include weddings by the sea in CT, Central Park weddings in NY City, Country Inns in CT including many breathtaking outdoor wedding ceremony sites in CT: Waterfalls, Riverside, Covered Bridges and mountains. Prices start at $350 in NYC and in Connecticut: $300 Call or email for more info

Reverend Sara will travel to your chosen wedding venue in New York City, New York State, New Jersey and the State of Connecticut.

Destination Weddings Welcomed! Reverend Sara delights in working with out-of-state and foreign couples and will not only officiate your marriage, but she will also coordinate additional arrangements to assist in creating your dream wedding day! This includes procurement of wedding ceremony & wedding reception location in Connecticut and New York City, flowers, photographer, horse and carriage ride in NYC Central Park and much more…Call: 914-799-5279 or email for more information.

Whether your desire is to say your “I Do’s” with just the two of you or in the presence of family and friends your wedding ceremony can be as beautiful and exquisite as you love for each other!


All Packages Include:

  • Special Care & Attention to All of the Details of Your Wedding Day Wishes
  • Your Choice of Ceremony Site
  • Arrangements Made to Secure Site Permit (If Needed)
  • Heart-Centered Personalized Wedding Ceremony Reflecting Your Relationship and Your Philosophy in Life & Spirit
  • Choice of Ceremonial Rituals such as Unity Candle & Sand Ceremony (many more ritual choices)
  • Choice of Wedding Vows
  • Choice of Ceremonial Rituals
  • Marriage License Procurement Assistance
  • Handling of Marriage License After Ceremony
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