Wedding Ceremonies

Customized Heart-Centered Wedding Ceremonies: Spiritual, Interfaith, Non-Religious Or Religious

Choosing Your Wedding/Marriage Officiant/Minister

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your lives and the ceremony that will unite you in marriage will be one of the most important parts of your wedding day.

Your first step will be choosing the person who will create and officiate your marriage: your wedding officiant or minister. It is most important that you choose credentialed professional officiant/minister who is versatile and experienced in creating and officiating wedding ceremonies.

This person will be sharing a very personal, very important moment in your lives with you therefore, it is important they take time to meet with you, listen to you, help you discover your personal style and help you figure out the wedding ceremony that suites you best. Once this has been established it is important they show you ceremony samples, rituals, blessings, prayers and readings. Additionally it is most important they have the skills, the sensitivity and creativity to capture your essence while blending your choices with romance into a ceremony that is uniquely YOU.


In a hurry? Want to be joined in marriage tomorrow, next week, next month? Give me a call. I can help/guide you in last minute procurement of your marriage license as well as last-minute wedding arrangements and much more!

Need suggestions for the perfect wedding ceremony location in NYC, Connecticut or Upstate New York? Just ask me, I have great suggestions for last minute countryside wedding locations including Central Park in New York City


our wedding officiant should be a qualified experienced professional wedding/marriage minister/officiant who will create and officiate the ceremony of your choice.
Reverend Sara’s 15 years of extensive experience as an ordained interfaith minister reaches around the globe. She has had the honor of working with over 2,000 couples coming not only from New York City, Upstate New York, Connecticut & New Jersey but she has worked with many couples coming to NYC to be married, or to renew their vows from other parts of the world & USA. Her experience includes working with an array of faiths and nationalities. Her 12 years of experience have given her excellent skills helping couples and families deal with the often delicate issues of inter-faith marriage, inter-cultural marriage same-sex marriages.
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